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HUMUS - Tout ce qui est vieux LP

HUMUS - Tout ce qui est vieux LP

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Humus is the alliance of Éclat Cadavéreux (Tümëur) and Dunkel (Drakonhail) with the aim of engraving their reverence to the forest with primitive black metal, imbued with melancholy bile and marshy ambiences.

Passionate about sylvan wanderings, the group quickly composed and recorded two productions: a demo-tape in 2011, "Clandestine Black Art", as well as a cassette album in 2012, "Tout ce qui est vieux", in wich the covers were buried in the forest of Montfort-sur-Meu for a month. Not hiding its various influences and its consideration for bands like Burzum, Judas Iscariot, Hate Forest, Braniklad and Forest, Humus is a real testament to Black Metal in its oldest form, pure and primitive, that it is essential to interpret while listening to these compositions with archaic riffs, the rough and wobbly interpretation, which leaves room for instinct and fleeting impulse.

It should be noted that all the works were composed and recorded in autumn and winter.

With such devotion, the band wanted to imortalize this latest work in the well deserved and definitive format, that with no doubt we are now honored to be given the chance to release on black wax.

Humus is now decomposed.

Listen only in the forest.

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