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SALE FREUX / SZIVILIZS - Le cygne noir / wouchäbruch LP

SALE FREUX / SZIVILIZS - Le cygne noir / wouchäbruch LP

15,00 €Prix

LP 12" version of the 2021 split finally arrived.

Include a 2 pages insert.

Limited to 300 copies.


Released and also available for Switzerland through Häxehütte (CH - and Dominance Of Darkness (GER).


This is NOT a picture LP. Vinyls are black.


Sale Freux (BZH) and Szivilizs (CH) joined forces with two new songs from both bands.


Sale Freux's new song is a long rural, dramatic and epic piece of 13 minutes, assisted by talented german drummer Fafnir (Gjaldur, ex-Aaskereia). Dunkel have choosen to interpret the poem "Le cygne noir" (The Black Swan) by english poetess Renée Vivien (poem written in french) and the french illustrator David Thiérrée.


Szivilizs is a one man band from Bern, Switzerland of intolerant Black Metal. His song is a 10 minutes aggressive yet melodic Black Metal piece with catchy rythms and epic riffs which are similar to some finnish bands like Sargeist & co.

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