"Worthless is an artistic embodiment of the darkness that lurks within humanity. This is a darkness which we try to express through our music; but this expression is merely a fragment of something which is much greater and much more vast than us as individuals. Naturally, it is impossible for us to represent it in its entirety. 

Our music does not represent gods, devils nor nations; neither does it heed to the conventional sound of the genre. It seeks to invoke the inner-self that humanity rejects; the darkness which lives in the labyrinth of the unconscious, and has been so elegantly subjected to all of the punishment and repression concomitant with terrestrial history. Those willing to subject themselves to our creations are to take their own journey, draw their own interpretations, and face themselves. Our expression is perspectival. 

Do not try to find our 'message', for there is none. Our music is the catalyst for your own exploration."